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We have new broms in stock!… a range of oranges , pinks and reds for the perfect gift the avid plant collector, for the keen gardener or for someone who wants to gift a “set and forget” plant for indoors…the flowers on these last for months!

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Beautiful Bromeliads flower for months on end.

What a fantastic long lasting gift! Flowering in a range of interesting shapes and colours, these beauties are a sure winner  as the gift that keeps on giving, with many of our plants already showing”pups” – new baby sideshoots that will often grow to full size and flower within the next year at this time…

These lovely tropicals are suitable for inside in a well lit room or a semi-shaded spot in the garden or in dappled light on a sheltered verandah when not in flower

We present these in a waterproof lined gift box.  If you prefer you can select a  rustic ceramic, matching basket or stylish hanger , or go wild and add them as part of an arrangement of plants in matching containers. (see our new baskets, pots and vases selection )

Beautiful Bromeliads are famous for being able to withstand the extreme heat, and humid conditions of it’s native South America, and is the perfect gift for either the avid plant collect or the forgetful plant lover, as it’s very forgiving in it’s tolerance of neglect!

Our gallery images show just some of the huge range of Florist Choice Plants  we have on display at our store in Banora Shopping Village, bringing a lush display of gorgeous greens to our community shopping precinct

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