Plants – Beautiful Philo. Red Congo


Beautiful Philo. Red Congo  …We have a huge range of seasonal Indoor outdoor plants to choose from –   and the Beautiful Red Congo is a wonderful gift choice for a house warming, birthday,  get well, or “just because” for the avid plant collector. Shown in our 18cm matched basket

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This not-so-common member of the Philodenron family grows big and bold, with spade shaped shiny deep green to burgundy leathery leaves on luscious red stems.

Suitable for a large pot or in a shady spot in the gardem, the Beautiful Red Congo is surprisingly hardy and doesn’t need lots of water to keep it looking lush and tropical.

We present these in a waterproof lined basket.  If you prefer you can select a  rustic ceramic , or go wild and add them as part of an arrangement of plants in matching containers. (see our pots and vases section)

The Beautiful Red Congo is famous for being able to withstand the extreme heat, and humid conditions of it’s native South America, and is the perfect gift for either the avid plant collect or the forgetful plant lover, as it’s very forgiving in it’s tolerance of neglect!

These plants will tolerate all manner of conditions from full shade to almost full sun, near drought or regular watering..the more light they receive the higher their wonderul rouge colour develops.

Don’t forget to let us know what style of presentation you’d prefer in the notes section of your order,  or we’ll select one for you,  to give you great value.

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