Plants – Colourful Kalanchoe


The beauties  flower for months at a time, with flowering season lasting all winter long and are a wonderful gift choice for a house warming, birthday,  get well, or “just because” for the anyone who loves plants. Current stock are 140mm pots and can flower for months at a time, often repeat flowering in Autumn

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Colourful Kalanchoes flower for months at a time, with flowering season lasting all through spring and early summer, often repeat flowering in autumn..

What a fantastic long lasting gift! Kalanchoes come in a range of  varied flower colours, these beauties are a sure winner  as the gift that keeps on giving, as they are perennial succulents, which return to flower again for you season after season, when treated correctly, and with minimal attention

These lovely late winter -spring flowering plants are suitable for inside in a well lit room or a semi-shaded spot in the garden or in dappled light on a sheltered verandah AND they can flower for up to 6 months a year – while ever the weather is cool at night and often flowering right up until Christmas

We present these in a waterproof lined gift box.  If you prefer you can select a stylish porcelain pot,  rustic ceramic, matching basket   (see our gallery  with these in pots and wooden boxes )

Colourful Kalanchoes are famous for being able to withstand quite cold temperatures at night, and in fact will flower longer if left outside at nite to chill a couple of times a week.  This is the perfect gift for either the novice or avid plant collect or the forgetful plant lover, as it’s very forgiving of neglect – just don’t OVERWATER!