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Plants – Large Peace Lily in Woven Basket


Best of the Best – Large Peace Lilies in a fabulous bamboo weave basket.

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A robust Large Peace Lily in a Woven Basket is the perfect plant for the indoors. They have bright and glossy green leaves, and usually flower twice a year for up to 8 weeks at a time, with multiple white flowers, and is perfectly suited to the coastal lifestyle, in a cool classic woven basket.

The  Large Peace Lily in Woven Basket  makes a wonderful ornamental display, and these are locally sourced, large well grown specimens in 170 -200mm pots, and stand up to 50cm tall when flowering.

This plant is happy indoors in a warm sheltered spot with filtered light or in a semi shaded outdoor location.

This product is presented as a single Live potted plant,  and is a great value gift.