Corporate & Events

We service several businesses in the surrounding areas with weekly corporate flowers. Having fresh flowers in your place of work whether it be your restaurant, boardroom, office reception, foyer or any area which your guests or clients spend time, will make them feel very welcome and enhance their experience with you. Ever-changing beautiful flowers in your offices will also provide a pleasant working environment for your staff. It creates a personal touch and elegance to the work place. Flowers are changed weekly in whatever format or container is desired depending on the space the flowers are displayed. Delivery on weekly corporate work is free of charge. When it comes to event styling, we are more than happy to work within your budget requirements and design parameters. We would be delighted to work in conjunction with you on your next function, together creating beautiful events leaving your corporate or private guests in awe. From intimate private dinners through to grand scale weddings or work and corporate functions, we can accommodate your function requirements with professionalism and create a beautiful setting.